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We Hire Vets Employer Recognition Program

Dear Premier Pressure Pumping,

On behalf of the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Veterans Commission, we want to thank you for participating in the "we Hire Vets" employer recognition program. We commend you on taking the initiative to hire our nation's heroes.

It is estimated that there are 1.5 million veterans in Texas, and these veterans bring valued traits to employers. We know that veterans are hardworking, motivated, and disciplined team members that will bolster any employer's business.

Our agencies offer many programs and services that focus on veterans , their families, and growing the State of Texas workforce, Some of the highlighted programs include; Operation Welcome Home, Hire Red, White and You, Military Family Support Program, and more. We owe so much to our service members and their families who help protect our freedom. We will continue to prioritize support for our veterans.

Thank you again for hiring veterans and registering in the "We Hire Vets" program!


Aaron Demerson

Commisioner Representing Employers
Texas Workforce Commision

Laura Koerner

Texas Veterans Commision

we hire vets